Shadows of Bronze is a trio
incorporating handbells, keyboards,
and wind instruments
in a variety
of styles from classical to rock-and-roll.

About Us

The Shadows of Bronze is a trio incorporating handbells, keyboards, and wind instruments through a repertoire of original and arranged music from the 16th to 21st centuries.  The ensemble features sacred and secular works in a variety of styles from classical to rock-and-roll.

Through (always free) performances and educational demonstrations, the ensemble fulfills its mission to share the joy of handbell music and demonstrate it outside of its traditional setting.  The principal performers have over five and a half decades of combined experience with handbells and have performed throughout the United States and Europe.  Each performance as an occasion for interaction and learning.

With its eclectic selection of performance music, the Shadows of Bronze seeks to engage each audience.  The repertoire is selected based on its compositional quality, historical significance, and emotional resonance—from heartwarming to pulse-pounding. 

During each performance, the performers create an intimate setting, speaking directly to the audience about program highlights or explaining curiosities about the  performance which are unique to the instruments involved.  Each audience member receives a program containing additional notes about each musical selection, and has an opportunity to participate in a question and answer period with the ensemble.  At the end of the performance, the audience is invited to pick up the handbells and try ringing for themselves.

Making it possible

Following their educational mission to bring unique music to local communities, all Shadows of Bronze concert performances are presented free and open to the general public.  They are hosted by sponsoring organizations which provide venues, publicity, and simple logistical support. 

In return, a portion of donations collected during Shadows of Bronze concerts is returned directly to the sponsor to support other cultural and arts programming in their home community.  The remainder of proceeds are used to defray the cost of the performance and Shadows of Bronze operations.

Additional support is given by individuals and organizations.  forzandoArts is a Bronze Sponsor, providing substantial resources to the ensemble including this website, performance music and materials, and multimedia production services. 

In exchange for their generous support, Bronze Sponsors are recognized prominently on the Shadows of Bronze website.  Please contact the ensemble to learn more about becoming a Bronze Sponsor.

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The Shadows of Bronze has appeared in venues across northern Illinois and in western Iowa.  We are presently seeking new performance hosts in the region.

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for their support of our musicial mission.

Contributions in any amount from $1 to $1 million are appreciated. All proceeds support our musical and educational mission.
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